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YATE Yet Another Telephony Engine
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Yate is a telephony engine, a softswitch with PBX capabilities, originally created in 2004 by Paul Chitescu of NullTeam. It is released under a GNU General Public License with an exception for linking with OpenH323 and PWlib (licensed under MPL). Started as a free/open source softswitch for connecting PSTN with VoIP, support for other telephony technologies like conference, PBX, IVR has been added later on. During the years Yate has evolved into a Unified Communications server providing advanced integration with instant messaging, video and fax. Historically the basic function of Yate is the softswitch, connecting together call legs either to external devices or internal server resources. The logic for routing calls uses messages and can be implemented in configuration files, database queries or external programs. Call signalling is possible using PSTN protocols like ISDN or SS7, either directly attached over a TDM interface card (T1, E1, BRI), analog interface or by a remote Signaling gateway. A variety of VoIP protocols can be used without the need of special hardware: SIP, H.323, IAX2 or Jingle

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